Below are some examples of activities available in Vaujany over the winter season.

Winter Holiday Activities in Vaujany

Cross-country Skiing
There are 50km of trails that include 6 loops of varying difficulty all situated at around 2000m and are relatively snow-sure.

A toboggan Center at the new Sports and Leisure Center with special care given to ensure adequate snow coverage. Benefit of the Alpette toboggan with an access by cable car.

Activities in Vaujany: the Espace Luge
Espace Luge at Vaujany

Visit the Heritage Museum
100 years of history of Vaujany told by inhabitants through photographs and evidence.

Follow a guided route with a professional to learn about the local wildlife whilst keeping fit and having fun!

Activities in Vaujany: Snowshoeing is available at Vaujany

Visit the Hydraulic Museum
The history of hydroelectricity through the ages and an explanation of how the Grand’Maison Dam was built.


Vaujany also has a bowling alley and an ice rink! For a list of the upcoming events, visit the Vaujany Tourist Office website.